Eastern Health has two Prevention and Recovery Care (PARC) services, located in Mont Albert and Ringwood.  They are short-term, residential community services, providing early intervention for people who are becoming unwell in the community with the hope of preventing admission to acute services. PARC also offers step down support to those who are in the early stages of their recovery following an acute admission with the aim of strengthening and consolidating gains from the inpatient setting. 

Eastern Health and a not-for-profit community mental health provider work in partnership to offer service to people and their families. The PARC multi-disciplinary team includes mental health clinicians, community mental health recovery workers, occupational therapists and a peer workforce. 

Together, staff from both agencies work collaboratively with consumers, carers and their treating teams, to assist consumers to reach goals identified via individual recovery plans.  The PARC team will also work in collaboration with an individual’s community supports and familyies to ensure continuity of care on discharge from the service. 

PARC is a voluntary service and people considering a PARC stay participate in an initial assessment to identify what they hope their stay would look like, and to ascertain whether the PARC is the appropriate option at that time. 

  • Persons aged 16 years and over 
  • Currently engaged with Eastern Health mental health services  
  • Have somewhere to stay after discharge from the PARC program  
  • Participate in the PARC program voluntarily  

All referral enquiries can be discussed with the Eastern Health PARC clinicians prior to completion of the referral documentation. 

  • Linwood PARC Senior Clinician – (03) 9843 5800 
  • Maroondah PARC Senior Clinician – (03) 9871 3988 

  • Linwood PARC, 5 Hood Street, Mont Albert,  
  • Maroondah PARC, 2 Bona Street, Ringwood East