Wednesday July 19, 2023

Executive Director People and Culture, Adam Williams may be new to Eastern Health, but has years of experience behind him, working at the core of an organisation.

“Having worked in four countries and all around Australia, I like to think I’ve seen a lot of different ways of doing things. I’m hoping I can bring some of that experience to Eastern Health but also learn from the people here,” he said.

Mr Williams understands the importance of a strong workforce to create a positive cycle of motivation and support. The key to creating this culture lies in the people that work within it.

“The health industry is a service industry; it’s tough to attract, retain and develop people. That’s the challenge, but it’s also an opportunity because we’re working on some really good things with an impact on culture; that’s the aspect that excites me.

“When people are engaged and enjoying their job, then other great opportunities flourish,” he explained.

Executive Director People and Culture, Adam Williams
Executive Director People and Culture, Adam Williams Image: Eastern Health

Mr Williams is aiming to have a proactive approach and is no stranger to the challenges of health care, having his own family members in the industry, and is keen to see what Eastern Health has to offer.

“I get to meet almost every different person in an organisation and learn about what they do; I’ll certainly never be the smartest person in the room.

“No two days are the same, so my role is about trying to be more agile and just go with the flow of it all.”

While it’s important to find out who the organisation is comprised of, Mr Williams also has a goal of sharing what the support and initiatives the People and Culture directorate provide.

“I’d like to foster a really strong People and Culture brand. I’m big on promoting what we stand for, not just as an organisation, but as a function. I think we’re almost a bit humble about what we do, but there’s some really good work here. I want people outside the organisation to know who we are and what our value proposition is.

“HR has shifted in that it has been brought to the forefront of an organisation. It’s about having a seat at the table and not being an afterthought,” Mr Williams said.