Monday June 24, 2024

The recent Eastern Health annual Consumer Forum included representatives from the Eastern Health Executive and Board, alongside consumers and non-consumers alike.


“It was great to see so many volunteers, but also to see community members come and engage with Eastern Health, and hear about the fantastic work Eastern Health has been doing.” Ms Nekkalapudi said.

Naveena Nekkalapudi is the Community Advisory Committee Co-Chair and Consumer Representative.

Having had family members access healthcare at Eastern Health, she identified several areas of improvement. When the opportunity arose, she decided to be involved in bringing change to Eastern Health.

“The most rewarding part about being a consumer representative is seeing the change that you or other consumers had some input. To see how much of a difference it makes not only to the patients but also to the staff,” she said.

Rachel Soh, Manager of Consumer Participation and Community Engagement at Eastern Health, talks about the importance of consumer involvement.

“Drawing on their experience as service users, carers, family members, and members of the local community, consumer representatives bring their perspectives, which is important in decision making.”

“I really want to encourage anyone who wants to contribute as a consumer voice, to talk to us, ask questions and hopefully join us.”  Ms Soh continued.

Having consumer representatives that are reflective of the diversity of the people who use our services is essential to Eastern Health.

Ms Nekkalapudi encourages people from diverse backgrounds to join and use their voice to bring change to Eastern Health.

“We have a lot of vacancies and committees, requiring greater diversity of voice.

Eastern Health is very welcoming, and they’ve got fantastic opportunities for consumers.”

More information on consumer participation and how you can be involved can be found at: Consumer And Community Engagement | Eastern Health