Friday March 10, 2023

Eastern Health is celebrating some of our incredible women during the week of International Women’s Day (8 March).

Senior Dietitian, Georgia Stringer takes an incredibly proactive role in the treatment outcomes for her patients.

Acknowledged for her exceptional mentoring of research students and team members, Ms Stringer’s innovation and resilience has seen service improvement in Box Hill ICU, after advocating for the purchase of an indirect calorimetry machine, which measures patient energy expenditure.

“It’s really cool to be working in a team and understanding how nutrition can impact a patient’s journey. I just loved anything about critical care; keeping patients alive when they’ve got organ failure. The nutrition component to it is really interesting and really important,” Ms Stringer said.

Education in Ms Stringer’s field never ceases and she takes a very “self-motivated” approach in ensuring that anyone who comes into her care, has the most updated modes of practice.

“I’m currently studying a Masters of Clinical Research. To be able to do some research in the future would be amazing, particularly in ICU dietetics and surgical dietetics because we need more evidence based guidelines. There’s really not much to help guide us on these really complex cases,” she said.

Senior Dietitian, Georgia Stringer
Senior Dietitian, Georgia Stringer Image: Eastern Health

Ms Stringer also derives inspiration from her patients, whose journeys in overcoming health challenges keeps her motivated to come into work each day.

“Before you work in the hospital, you’ve got no idea that all these things happen to people and it’s just incredible that they still maintain a really positive outlook and get through such adversity. I think it’s a good reminder of the need to be kind and treat with empathy because you just never know what’s going on in someone’s life,” she said.

“Having that recognition from the patient that you’ve made a difference is so rewarding. The patients are just the best and they really value input when it’s made a difference to their journey.”

As part of celebrating the incredible women at Eastern Health, the executive leadership team have chosen to recognise six women for their efforts in embodying our values and striving towards our strategic goals; Ms Stringer was part of that recognition.