Wednesday February 8, 2023

Eastern Health Midwifery Unit Manager, Sarah Darlison is constantly learning. In obstetrics, each day is as unique as each client.

“You can never get comfortable, there is always something that comes up that you are never prepared for. Our bodies are so amazing and change all the time. You think you’ve got a grasp on everything and then there’s a situation where you go, ‘Oh, wow, like I never knew our body could do that’.

“It just proves how incredible and how strong we are. It’s really special to be part of that whole process and to keep on learning every single day,” Ms Darlison explained.

Helping clients along their maternity journey goes beyond measuring bellies and checking heartbeats. Providing guidance and preparing families for what is to come plays a significant role.

“We want to educate women as much as possible on labour and birth, but you also want to set them up for when the baby has been delivered and what that next 25 years is going to look like for that baby’s life. Feeding, caring and bonding for your baby are really important aspects but once the baby is out, that’s the easy part done.

“This chapter is just about to start so getting them prepared for that is a really crucial part during the middle of pregnancy and midwifery process as well.”

Not all clients begin their passage into parenthood with an assuring sense of confidence in themselves. It is in these moments of uncertainty that Ms Darlison’s magic makes the difference.

“The biggest trepidation clients have is; can I do this? It’s really important to coach them through that and tease that out to give everyone a sense of control and empowerment, to be able to say, yes I can absolutely do this.”

As Ms Darlison and her team power through their roles, empowering clients and making them feel confident to come in and give birth, the rewards are second to none.

“The most fulfilling aspect is when you see that family a couple of times in the clinic and you get to know them, and you become a part of their story. They’ve had a great experience and they just go home elated and that’s just really incredible to be a part of.”