We provide comprehensive and caring mental health services and support for infants and children aged 11 years and under, as well as their families and support networks, who are experiencing challenges with their mental health.  

Our teams include mental health clinicians (occupational therapists, social workers, nurses, psychologists, speech pathologists and psychiatrists). You may also be able to access Family Peer Specialists who have their own experience of caring for a child with mental health challenges.  

Common concerns for infants may include:  

  • Persistent feeding difficulties or, poor weight gain  
  • Persistent crying, restlessness or difficulty being comforted  
  • Sleep problems that do not settle over time  
  • Unusual quietness or lack of interest in parents and surroundings  
  • Long and frequent temper tantrums  
  • Persistent clinginess  
  • Restricted play 

Common concerns for children may include:  

  • Behaviour and attention (e.g. acting aggressively, persistent defiance)  
  • Impulsivity or overactivity (e.g. very fidgety or restless, risk-taking)  
  • Reluctance or refusal to attend school  
  • Shyness, difficulty making friends, being bullied  
  • Social, play and relationships including family conflict  
  • Problems with sleeping or eating  
  • Reactions to trauma or abuse  

We see the family and support networks as integral to the recovery journey. Some families require a single session to get back on track, while others need longer-term case management and treatment.  We will work with you to address your child’s and your family’s needs. Some of the following interventions may be used separately, or in combination, to support you and your child to work towards the agreed recovery goals:   

  • Clinical case management, including liaison with other involved services 
  • Family therapies  
  • Child focussed parent therapies
  • Individual therapies 
  • Psychiatrist review  
  • Family/Carer Peer support  
  • Cultural support for young Aboriginal people and their family/carers