Early Psychosis Program 

Our early psychosis program offers specialist support for young people who are experiencing first episode psychosis or first episode mania. Psychosis is an experience where a person interprets the world differently to others. They might see or hear things that other people can’t or have unusual ideas or beliefs. This can affect their thoughts, feelings or behaviour. 

Our team is here to support young people and their families navigate this experience and provide intensive support towards recovery – including symptom reduction, a return to occupational/educational activities and to maximise health and wellbeing. 

Eating Disorders Program 

Our community-based eating disorders program draws on the evidence-based, Family Based Treatment (FBT), which understands that parents/carers are the most helpful resource in treatment for their young person with an eating disorder.  We also know that treatment of an eating disorder at the earliest possible opportunity provides the best opportunity for recovery.    

Sometimes, to stablise a young persons’ physical health, a medical admission may be required. For under 18 years of age, admissions occur within Box Hill Hospitals’ Paediatric Unit, where a dedicated Paediatric Eating Disorder Team provides care.  This team includes a Paediatrician, Psychiatric Consultation & Liaison clinician, Dietetics and Paediatric Nursing, working in close collaboration with our community based eating disorders program, to ensure  well-coordinated and effective care. 

For young people over 18 years of age, medical admission will generally be to a medical ward within Box Hill Hospital, with Psychiatric Consultation and Liaison providing mental health assessment and support through the admission.   

Other specialist eating disorders for people over 18 years of age in the Eastern Region, includes the Body Image & Eating Disorders Treatment & Recovery Service (BETRS)