We provide services for adolescents and young people experiencing significant and complex challenges with their mental health and which may be impacting their physical health, work/study and relationships, as well as young people experiencing psychosis, across a range of community-based services or teams and acute psychiatric inpatient care. 

Our teams include mental health nurses, occupational therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and speech pathologists. You may also be able to access Youth Peer Workers or Family Peer Specialists who have their own experience of mental health challenges or have cared for someone who does.  

Common concerns for young people include:  

  • Feeling excessively anxious, worried, unhappy or shy  
  • Changes in thinking, personality, or behaviour that impact family, relationships, school, or work  
  • Difficulty controlling emotions and impulses  
  • Distress from a traumatic incident or experience of abuse (either recent or in the past)  
  • Trouble concentrating, thinking clearly or remembering things  
  • Loss of enjoyment or motivation  
  • Unusual experiences such as hearing voices, seeing strange things or things seeming different  
  • Thoughts of self-harm or suicide  
  • Where family or friends have expressed concern about personality or behavioural changes  
  • Alcohol or substance use in the context of mental health concerns 
  • Concerns with activities of daily living – eating/sleeping