Eastern Health has two Mobile Support and Treatment Services (MSTS) located in Forest Hill and Ringwood East.    

The Mobile Support Team Model of Care focuses on assertive and intensive outreach support, incorporating a recovery-oriented approach seven days a week. They see people living with complex clinical and disability support needs, where their needs and those of their carers/families are responded to best by an intensive service in their own environment.  

MSTS is a multi-disciplinary team led by a Consultant Psychiatrist in partnership with the Team Leader. The team (clinical, psychosocial support practitioner, and lived experience) work within a recovery orientated framework in partnership with people, their identified support people (carers) and other service providers.  

MSTS empowers individuals to make informed choices and decisions that align with their values and aspirations, while also managing risk to ensure a safe and supportive environment. This, in turn, enables them to build self-confidence, develop a sense of autonomy, and take control of their lives. Ultimately, MSTS’s goal is to empower individuals to take charge of their lives, make positive changes, and achieve their goals, while promoting a culture of resilience and responsible decision-making. 

MSTS values collaboration with the individual, their family, children, carers, and other service providers to support treatment and recovery goals. It respects the individual’s choices and goals, viewing them as equal partners in the journey and recognizing them as experts in their own experiences. 

Level 2, 353 Burwood Highway Forest Hill

Phone: (03) 9094 9500

Murnong Clinic, Corner Bona and Patterson Streets, Ringwood East, 3135

Phone: (03) 9871 3988

  • People who have history of a lived experience of a severe and persistent mental illness and reside within the Eastern Health catchment area. 
  • People who are at a stage in their mental health recovery journey where their needs and those of their carers are responded best by an intensive service either in their own environment or via clinic-based appointments.  
  • People who require intensive, specialised support and guidance to achieve their full potential, beyond what is typically offered by other community mental health teams. 
  • People who are at increased risk of relapse and vulnerability, perhaps experiencing frequent hospitalisations when experiencing a decline in their mental health.  
  • People who require frequent contact with a specialist mental health service to address diverse and complex psychosocial recovery goals.  

  • Referrals are generally made for existing consumers of an Eastern Health mental health team who have a long history of a lived experience of mental ill health. 
  • Referrals from other Mental Health Services are received directly to MSTS. 
  • All other referrals are via Eastern Health Triage on 1300 721 927