Victoria’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Connect centres provide support for family, carers and supporters of people with mental health challenges. The centres are led by staff who have lived experience supporting someone with mental health challenges.  
There is one Mental Health and Wellbeing Connect in each of the Department of Health’s eight regions for the delivery of mental health services, although most of the centres operate across a number of locations. A range of services are provided for Victorian families and carers including: 

  • individual peer support 
  • family therapy 
  • educational sessions and group programs 
  • information, resources and practical support for health and wellbeing 

All support is free and you do not require a referral. People of all ages can access the Connect services. 

Services are provided in person, over the phone or online.   

In our region, the North East Metro Mental Health and Wellbeing Connect centre has been co-designed by people with a lived/living experience of being family members and carers of people with mental health and substance use concerns. We work closely with people across the community to ensure families/carers’ needs are understood and supported. 

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