Focus on better mental health for men - Media Releases

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Men in Melbourne’s east are being encouraged to connect and have a conversation with those close to them.

Speaking in the lead-up to Men’s Health Week (June 11 – 17), Eastern Health’s Aladdin Jones said it was important that men kept their own health and well-being in check, as well as reaching out to other men close to them.

Mr Jones, who is a Health Promotion Officer, said the theme for Men’s Health Week this year was Men and Families: Making Connections, making it a great opportunity for men to reach out to their loved ones and friends.

He said stereotypes about masculinity were sometimes framed around not needing to ask for help, and for men to work through any health issues on their own. However, Mr Jones said the reality could be different.

“Just as there is no shame in seeing a doctor if you have a physical injury, there is certainly nothing wrong with seeking support if you are going through a rough patch mentally or emotionally. Whether we hide it or not, men have feelings too, and the old ‘keep it to yourself’ just doesn’t work.

“Similarly if you feel something might be up with a male family member or friend, consider reaching out to them and asking if they’re okay. It could make the difference, so don’t hesitate.”

Mr Jones said there were a range of services and resources which men could tap into should they or someone they know require support.

“Community Health centres, such as Healesville Hospital & Yarra Valley Health, often have free or low cost counselling. There are also groups such as Healthy Mates Upper Yarra which Eastern Health supports or Men’s Sheds which are a good way to connect with other men in person, and in a social context. There is also some useful information online, including the government’s Better Health Channel page. ” Mr Jones said.

“Beyond that, talking to your local general practitioner or a phone support service like MensLine or Beyond Blue is worth considering. Even getting something off your chest with a trusted friend or family member can be a good starting point too.”

Men looking for support can contact MensLine on 130078 99 78 or Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636