Eastern Health Foundation secures funding from the William Angliss Charitable Fund

Monday, March 04, 2019
Critically ill patients in Angliss Hospital’s ICU will benefit from a new medical device that allows staff to perform ultrasound scanning at the bedside.
The state of the art compact ultrasound system provides high-quality images using a small, portable device. This means that patients in an emergency situation in intensive care no longer require transfer to the medical imaging department for ultrasounds.
“This device will directly benefit patients during the most critical hours of care, when we need to know what is going on with the patient quickly,” Dr Nick Kokotsis, Director of the Intensive Care Unit at Angliss Hospital said.
“We have an expert team of clinicians who provide fantastic care across Eastern Health’s Intensive Care Units. Now at Angliss we have immediate access to additional real time information to assist with procedures, guide resuscitation, drug selection, fluid management, and escalation decisions – all of which have a tangible impact on the care we offer our patients and ultimately, the outcome of their condition.”
Angliss Hospital has only recently opened the entirely new Intensive Care Unit, and this new compact ultrasound system has already benefitted a number of patients who have been cared for in the ICU.
“As clinicians we use bedside ultrasound for diagnosis and management of various conditions and also for many dangerous procedures such as placing lifesaving central venous catheters and drains safely, quickly, and effectively. It is an essential addition to our resources and our community can have confidence that it will help us save lives,” Dr Kokotsis said.
The purchase of the system was made possible by the generosity of a grant received from the William Angliss Charitable Fund following a submission from the Eastern Health Foundation.
“The William Angliss Charitable Fund is Angliss Hospital’s most significant ongoing supporter, and our staff are most appreciative of the commitment made by the Trustees each year,” Serap Ozdemir, Senior Philanthropy Manager, Eastern Health Foundation said.
Eastern Health Foundation held an event to thank William Angliss Charitable Fund for their contribution on Monday 4 March, 2019 at Angliss Hospital.
“On behalf of the Trustees of the William Angliss Charitable Fund, we are very pleased to be acknowledged for the contribution the Fund has made in facilitating the purchase of the compact ultrasound system. We trust it will be of long standing benefit to the staff and patients of Angliss Hospital,” Sarah Angliss, William Angliss Charitable Fund trustee said.
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