Adapting and evolving this World Physiotherapy Day

Friday, September 08, 2023

World Physiotherapy Day (8 September 2023), celebrates and recognises the ways physiotherapists continuously adapt and evolve in their practice to provide excellent care.

Today we highlight two of our wonderful physiotherapists at Eastern Health.
We thank all those who are always learning and improving to help our patients achieve the best health outcomes.

Physiotherapist Kat Pryde highlights the importance of ongoing education in the field and having an aptitude for learning. 

"As physios, we really need to stay across the most current research to provide patients with the best available care. 

"We have to be constantly learning no matter where we are in our career, if we're a senior or a junior, whether it's formal training or perr support learning, we're constantly updating our skills to meet the current evidence," she said. 

Pictured: Physiotherapist Kat Pryde

Fellow physiotherapist Judy Bottrell is passsionate about putting her skills to use, and seeing consumers who may have more significant ailments reach their personalised targets. 

"Clinically, there are a variety of presentations from pateints who get better quickly to those who have prolonged and challenging rehab experiences. 

"I am particularly rewarded by treating the latter group - much is required to keep these people motivated, angaged and progressing to achieve their goals. When the goals are achieved the reward is immense," she said. 

Pictured: Physiotherapist Judy Bottrell