A gift of HOPE

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

The HOPE - Hospital Outreach Post-suicidal Engagement - initiative provides support for people at the point of hospital discharge that are identified as at-risk of suicide and/or repeated intentional self-harm.

HOPE aims to prevent avoidable suicide attempts and death by suicide by providing those at risk with practical, tailored and accessible psychosocial support in the community for a period of up to three months post discharge from hospital. The program also supports the person’s carers and families to identify and build the protective factors that our clinicians know reduce the risk of suicide attempt/completed suicide.

The beauty of the HOPE program is that a key aspect is having our clinicians work closely with consumers and carers with lived experience of mental illness,  to develop an evidenced-based program to support the prevention of suicide.

The HOPE initiative commenced in the Outer East Mental Health Catchment in November 2017 and is now being expanded in the Central East Mental Health catchment, and recently commenced. Local Whitehorse MP, Paul Hamer, recently attended Box Hill Hospital to officially launch the program, and acknowledge the leadership of Dr Jose Segal, Lisa Gill, Brooke Trevorah and Georgia Cripps, under the guidance of Mental Health Program Directors Lisa Shaw Stuart and Paul Katz. 

"What we've seen in the last 18 months, in particular, the increase in presentations relating to mental health and the issues facing all of our communities on the back of COVID, shows that mental health challenges can and does affect people at all at all different ages from all different walks of life," said Mr Hamer. "It's not about particular communities or particular groups, it really does touch everyone in many different ways.So it's a wonderful initiative to be able to have this service for the Central East region."


The Eastern Health Mental Health Program is committed to “Zero suicide” – hope in life.

“Zero Suicide” is an International Movement. Suicide is a complex, multi-faceted, biological, psychological and societal problem with limited prevention resources. Zero Suicide is a global movement that has called upon and joined together suicide prevention experts from across the globe; to research, evaluate and share prevention successes. The movement is based upon a foundational belief that suicide deaths are preventable.

The Mental Health Program welcomes the recommendations from the Royal Commission into Victoria’s mental health system and we are pleased to receive funding for the Hospital Outreach Post-suicidal engagement (HOPE) initiative for the Box Hill catchment area.

If you or anyone you know needs support, Lifeline is available 24/7 by calling 13 11 14