Our Ongoing Role During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Monday, June 07, 2021

Our COVID vaccination clinics and screening sites have been particularly busy with the announcement of Victoria's latest outbreak.

We are grateful to the many staff who assisted in the opening of an additional COVID screening site in the East, at Aquanation, Jubilee Park in Ringwood.

Almost 6000 COVID tests have been performed since the latest lockdown began, and the team continue to work at a steady pace to report results as quickly as possible.

Eastern Health nurses have administered almost 2000 vaccines in the last week, and it's pleasing to see 40-49-year-old's booking in for the Pfizer vaccine after the State Government decision to open up to this cohort.

The Victorian COVID-19 response is also moving rapidly to manage the growing number of community cases and exposure sites.

To further support this, Eastern Health, along with other outlets, has been working with the Department of Health to develop a model of care for the processing and management of COVID-positive patients, should the need arise.

Box Hill Hospital, together with Royal Melbourne Hospital and Alfred Hospital, have been named as the preferred General High Acuity hospitals for COVID-19 positive adult inpatients and those requiring inpatient care from hotel quarantine.

By streamlining COVID-positive patients to a select number of hospitals, disruption to non-COVID care will be minimised and the scalable approach to system capacity aims to ensure the best possible outcomes at the most capable sites.

The inclusion of Box Hill Hospital is testament to the quality of care provided, available support services, infrastructure, people and systems in place.