Saying Thanks for Great Care

Friday, May 14, 2021

A former nurse herself, 75-year-old Sue Pasco knows it takes a special something to work as a Breast Care Nurse.

Diagnosed with breast cancer after a routine mammogram earlier this year, Sue said the support of Eastern Health’s breast care nursing team helped her through a challenging time.

“I didn’t know I had a lump or think anything was wrong when I was diagnosed,” said Sue. “The lump was discovered in January, I had surgery in February, and completed a month of radiotherapy by April. But throughout all of it, the nurses were just lovely.”

Sue says she and her friends often discuss the merits of health care, with many feeling you get what you pay for. Sue has a different opinion.

“Good care rests with the clinicians themselves,” she said. “Access to the right treatment is crucial, but it’s the care that makes a difference to your recovery.”

Sue felt so strongly about her positive experience, that she reached out to Eastern Health to pass on her praise.

“I couldn’t fault any part of my treatment. From the radiologist to the surgeon to the oncologist ad then the wonderful breast care nurses helping with daily dressing changes, I am very grateful and wish to say thank you.”