Mental Health team win award

Friday, April 23, 2021

Congratulations to our Mental Health team who, in partnership with Ambulance Victoria, received the "Human-Centred Service Delivery " award at Victoria's peak public sector professional association (IPAA) function.

The TelePROMPT pilot is a pre-hospital response which partners paramedics on-scene with a mental health clinician through telehealth and access to state-wide mental health records for rapid assessment and triage of patients. Eastern Health in partnership with Ambulance Victoria and the Department of Health and Human Services, has designed an expanded pathway of care, together with lived experience consumers and clinicians. 

The core aim is to better connect mental health patients to the right care, and as a result, reduce the demand pressures on emergency departments.

Up against strong competition, the award recognises the 'novel and successful approaches to service delivery, adopting a human-centred approach to better engage the community and achieve enhanced public outcomes."

The first 3 months have demonstrated the following:

  • Total Cases triaged 727
  • Peak time of presentations 1300-2200
  • Mean age seen 36yrs old, 54% of presentations female.
  • Transport to ED remains very good with 68% of presentations being diverted away from emergency departments – as opposed to 20% prior to TelePROMPT initiative
  • AV median scene time is 51 minutes
  • Average TelePROMPT call length 27mins
  • Top 4 presenting problems seen – 1.Suicidal 23.4% 2. Emotional Dysregulation 18.6% 3. AOD 11.8% 4. Anxiety 9.3%
  • Top 3 Outcomes from tele-prompt- 1. Alternative service provider 60%  2. Emergency ambulance 24.9% 3. Provide home/self-care 9.1%
  • Patient experience of care – 87% reported the quality of care they received was very good/good.

Thanks you to Patrick McCrohan and Andrew Cheong for their leadership on this terrific project