COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Visitor restrictions now in place

Thursday, July 09, 2020
COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Visitor restrictions now in place

Eastern Health ensures that its arrangements for visitors comply with the guidelines set by the Department of Health and Human Services. We aim to be least restrictive in our arrangements whilst still complying with physical distancing requirements. In some circumstances, where there are particular challenges caused by space and infrastructure, we have to be more limited, however we have made this decision to ensure the safety of our patients, staff and the broader community.


These restrictions are reviewed at least weekly and are subject to change at short notice – please continue to monitor this website for the most up to date information regarding visitor restrictions.


To protect our patients, families, employees, and the community until the transmission of COVID-19 is no longer a threat the following visitor restrictions and process apply.


  • All visitors will need to pass through a security point station before entering the hospital
  • All visitors are required to have their temperature checked (either manually or via Thermal Imaging Camera) and will be asked screening questions


  • All visitors must wear a mask when attending Eastern Health sites and services. . Eastern Health will supply face masks at the entrance to all our sites.



Patients awaiting COVID-19 test results are not permitted visitors

Patients who are COVID-19 positive are not permitted visitors


We recommend patients wear a face mask when attending our health service.

However, there may be a number of reasons where this is not possible and this will be managed at the discretion of the treating team in conjunction with the patient and family.


Intensive Care Units, Inpatient Wards including Box Hill ward 9.1 acute medicine section, Sub-acute and Palliative Care (unless detailed below)

  • Visiting hours will be between 1000-1200 or 1800-2000 only
  • Each patient is permitted one care and support visit each day for a maximum of two hours.
  • No children under the age of 16 are permitted to visit.
  • End of life care – please see below


High Risk Wards

Ward 9.1 is divided into two sections – a high risk section and an acute medicine section.

No visitors will be allowed for patients who are in Box Hill ward 9.1 high risk section.

Please note, for patients who have been admitted onto Box Hill Hospital 9.1 high risk section for greater than 7 days:

  • One visitor for 1 hour per day from Day 8 of admission
  • One nominated visitor per admission
  • No children under 16 years of age

Emergency Department

1 visitor per patient will be permitted for the duration of their stay.

Patient’s awaiting COVID-19 test results are not permitted visitors.


Residential Aged Care Facilities:

No visitors will be allowed for patients who are in Residential Aged Care Facilities at Eastern Health, with the exception of residents who are at end of life.End of life care – please see below

Any person entering Residential Aged Care Facilities must provide proof of receipt of influenza vaccination.


Postnatal Unit: Partners of women are permitted from 8.00am – 8.00pm.  No other family members or children will be permitted to visit at any time.

Birthing Suite: Partners of women are permitted 24 hours a day. No other family members or children will be permitted to visit at any time.

Antenatal and FMAC appointments: Women must attend alone. No other family members or children will be permitted to visit at any time.         

Medical Imaging (Obstetric Ultrasound): there will be limited opportunity (10-15 mins) for partners to be present during the examination.


Paediatric and Neonatal Wards including Paediatric Short Stay

Parents/guardians of children on the paediatric ward will be permitted to visit.  Eastern Health requests only one parent/guardian to visit at a time. No siblings/children or other visitors are permitted to visit. If a parent is symptomatic, it is preferable for another parent or carer who is well to remain with the child whilst in hospital.  Parents of children admitted to the Paediatric inpatient ward at Box Hill Hospital who wish to visit together can discuss this with the Nurse in Charge.

Parents/guardians of babies on the neonatal unit will be permitted to visit. No siblings/children or other visitors are permitted to visit. 


Day Oncology

A support person will be able to accompany patients coming to the Hospital for day oncology appointments at each site however will not be able to stay with the patient during treatment.


Where patients require a carer to accompany them to face-to-face, on-site appointment through specialist clinics or any other outpatient model, 1 carer per patient is permitted.

Patients with End-Stage Kidney Disease

A support person will be able to accompany patients to their kidney transplant reviews, and to satellite dialysis units (and pick them up after treatment/review is complete), but will not be able to stay with the patient.

Box Hill 1 East

As per standard practice, there is a no visitor policy for Box Hill 1 East

Wellington House

Two visitors per day across a maximum of two visits. The total amount of visiting time must not be more than two hours. This can be one visit of no more than two hours or two visits totalling no more than two hours.

Mental Health – Adult In-Patient Units

Adult In-Patient Units and Peter James Centre South Ward - No visitors permitted unless an exemption is approved by the Clinical Director Adult Acute (business hours) or Program Coordinator (after hours).

Adolescent Inpatient Psychiatric Unit (AIPU) - 2 nominated visitors per patient will be permitted between 6 – 8pm during weekdays and between 8am and 8pm on the weekends and public holidays. Additionally, parents and family members will be permitted to attend clinical meetings on the ward when required.

CYMHS Community Sites, Yarra Ranges Health, Wundeela, Chandler, Carrington Road - Parents, and at times other family members, are permitted to attend clinical appointments.   Where telehealth is not possible, the accompanying number of family members will be restricted to 2 members to ensure compliance with physical distancing requirements.    


For patients deemed at end of life in any ward or residential aged care facility across Eastern Health:

  • No more than two visitors at a time for a maximum of two hours
  • Visiting times will be at the following times: 1000-1200 and 1800-2000
  • As per current practice, the NOK will be notified in any rapid or significant deterioration in condition of the patient.
  • Visitors may include partner, parents, children, siblings and/or identified NOK
  • Maximum of four visitors per day, as advised by the NOK
  • Visitors will only be allowed to Residential Aged Care Facilities if they provide evidence of an up to date vaccination against influenza.


If you are not visiting a patient or employed to be onsite, you must not enter the hospital. To help limit the number of people in our buildings, we ask that people not send flowers, food or other items that must be delivered.

Visitors must follow the following practices to help prevent the spread of infection:

  • Utilise protective equipment as instructed and supervised by nursing staff in high risk areas.
  • Visitors must remain in the patient’s room at all times. Parents visiting children who are not suspected COVID and in the hospital for an extended period of time are permitted to leave the patient’s room however are asked to minimise their movement within the hospital as much as possible.
  • Limit the number of personal items that are bought bring into the hospital. Bringing fewer items into the hospital will reduce the number of unwanted germs that you take back home with you.
  • When visiting is over, you must leave the hospital.

You MUST wash your hands or use hand sanitizer EVERY time you enter or exit a patient room.


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