Box Hill Hospital Facilities

The state-of-the-art building, known as Building A, provides a much larger emergency department, 10 new operating theatres (with an 11th for future expansion), a new intensive care unit, improved women’s health services and expanded services for cardiology, cancer and renal patients. It will include a total of 621 beds (an increase of more than 200) and more than 200 additional public car parking spaces.

As part of the redevelopment, there has been substantial work completed on the existing hospital, now known as Building B, increasing its consulting and support capacity. There is seamless thoroughfare between the two buildings, with a wide, contemporary open space on the ground floor connecting Building A to Building B.

Moving between Building A and Building B

Public linkways  connect the two hospital buildings -  located on ground floor and Level 1, with signage to guide you.

Ground Level

  • Kiosk (Building B)
  • ATM (foyer of Building A)
  • Sacred Space (Building B)
  • Public toilets

Level 1

  • Public toilets 
  • Zouki Cafeteria (Access via Building B
  • Healthstart Pharmacy (Building B)
  • Food and beverage vending machines 

Parent rooms available in Building A on levels 3-9.

Television, movies, phone and internet facilities via the Patient Entertainment System

Most patients coming to Box Hill Hospital will have the option of using the Patient Entertainment System which provides television, radio, movie channels, local telephone services and internet access via a touch screen at the bedside. These facilities are also available in a number of languages other than English. Charges apply* for the use of the Patient Entertainment System in accordance with similar facilities offered at other public hospitals. Payment can be made by entering credit or debit card details directly on the touch screen system. Patients are also able to make food selections on the touch screen – this facility is free of charge. Patients are advised to bring their own headphones to use in hospital or they can be purchased from the Zouki cafeteria on Level 1 in Building B. (*Some exclusions apply – please ask your nurse for details.)