Maternity Resources for GPs


Eastern Health list of Maternity contacts (PDF, 141KB)

Eastern Health list of Maternity contacts (DOC, 69KB)

GP Shared Care Guidelines (PDF, 3.1 MB)

GP Shared Maternity Care is a model of care in which a woman is cared for by the hospital and a community-based shared maternity care affiliate, such as a GP. Its aim is to provide high quality community-based care and is appropriate for women who have a low-risk pregnancy.

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All women booking to Eastern Health Maternity Services require a doctor’s referral via eReferral (HealthLink Smartforms) for practices with conformant software (Best Practice, Genie, Medical Director and MedTech Evolution).

Where referrers do not have conformant software (eg- Zmed and Helix), referrals can be made via the HealthLink Portal.

More information about making a referral.

Pre-pregnancy Counselling

Wherever possible, it is important for chronic medical conditions and their management to be optimised pre-pregnancy, as there is evidence that this improves both maternal and fetal outcomes. It also gives women an opportunity to make informed decisions. Pre-pregnancy assessment in women who have, or are at risk of, specific medical disorders and complications, gives clinicians the opportunity to mitigate those risks more effectively.

Referrals: please fax a referral to antenatal clinic on (03) 9895 4817. Good quality information will ensure the referral is appropriately triaged for a timely review. Please include all relevant information and results. If an interpreter is required, please indicate this, as well as the language required. A letter containing a full assessment and recommended management plan will be returned to the GP following the appointment.