Thank you


As part of Eastern Health’s commitment to provide great healthcare, we seek to constantly update our equipment.

That might mean replacing older-style hospital beds with new electric beds that help reduce falls, increasing patient comfort and improving the safety of our staff.

Other types of equipment might help patients recover more quickly, or simply go home earlier.

Basic items such as comfortable day oncology chairs help to improve the comfort of cancer patients and their families.

Some of the items that gifts have helped fund in recent years include:

  • Negative pressure wound therapy system pumps for the Eastern@Home program, providing patients with in-home care at the same level they would receive in hospital, for wound management and care.
  • A fish tank for the paediatric ward at Box Hill Hospital to make the hospital experience more enjoyable for children.
  • Creation of the Cancer Multi-Disciplinary Meeting Room, which allows oncology experts to gather and discuss in detail each patient’s case and plan the best treatment for them.
  • Butterfly tiles in the spiritual care areas across Eastern Health that help people to create a special memento with a loved one or to remember a loved one.
  • An advanced and modern monitoring system for the new sleep laboratory at Box Hill Hospital.
  • iPads for the day oncology unit for patients
  • Neo-natal ventilators for the maternity unit at Angliss Hospital.
  • An intensive care unit (ICU) simulation and training room, to train and advance the skills of ICU staff, particularly in crisis and emergency situations.
  • Telemedicine equipment for the emergency department at Angliss Hospital, so patients can receive specialist care at any time without having to wait for a specialist to arrive.
  • Paediatric ultrasound probe for Angliss Hospital’s emergency department to make it easier and less painful to locate veins in children’s delicate arms.

None of this equipment would have been acquired so soon without the support of kind donors and we thank them all for their generosity.