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The Coolheads fundraising campaign has been recognised by the Maroondah City Council in its Australia Day Awards.

Coolheads Aust Day“Coolheads has been awarded the Maroondah City Council 'Community Event of the Year' Award,” explains Carolyn Schuwalow, Eastern Health Foundation, pictured centre with fellow Coolheads fundraising committee members.

“This Award recognises an outstanding contribution made by an individual or group to the Maroondah community” Carolyn says.

Driven by Ringwood East & Heathmont Community Bank Branches, Bendigo Bank, and endorsed by Eastern Health, the Coolheads campaign has been generously supported by local businesses and the wider community.

“It is because of the generous support from so many members of our local community that Eastern Health breast cancer patients will have the chance to keep their hair whilst undergoing chemotherapy, free of charge. Congratulations to everyone involved!” Carolyn says.


The Coolheads fundraising campaign has been raising funds to implement a scalp cooling service at Maroondah Hospital since October 2016.

Scalp cooling technology prevents hair loss by restricting the blood flow to hair follicles during chemotherapy sessions whilst patients wear a ‘cold cap’.

“So far, the campaign has raised the funds for one machine,” says Carolyn. “This will enable the service to be implemented in the new few months,” she explains.

The campaign will continue to raise funds for a second scalp cooling machine.

For more information or to donate, please visit

Members of the Healesville Gardening Club and CWA Healesville Night Chicks are to thank for the fabulous new front gardens at Eastern Health's redeveloped Healesville Hospital and Yarra Valley Health.CWA members planting gardene HH Jan 2017

With the Open Day on 29 January 2017 fast approaching, the CWA and Gardening Club rolled up their sleeves and made sure the new front garden area was fully planted and mulched in time for the big day.

Pictured right are CWA members Karina Noblett and Sheryl Treen with their partners Ian Noblett and Roger Treen.

CWA Healesville Night Chicks also donated outdoor furniture for patients and their families to enjoy whilst staying at the hospital. When the group was asked to cater for the recent Australian Doctors Orchestra performance of The Lark, they decided to use the proceeds to enable the purchase of outdoor furniture.

"We are most grateful for the generous support of CWA Healesville Night Chicks and the Healesville Gardening Club," says Pam Hughes, Director of Nursing, Midwifery & Operations Yarra Ranges, which incorporates Healesville Hospital and Yarra Valley Health. "It's wonderful to have people in the community engaging with the redeveloped hospital, giving their time and making donations," says Pam.

To find out how you can support Healesville Hospital, please contact Eastern Health Foundation on 9895 4608 or email

Cheque presentation Stephen and BronwynChildren participating in Eastern Health's Kids Club will have access to more resources with thanks to the Rotary Club of Croydon.

Part of Eastern Health's CHAMPS (CHildren And Mentally ill ParentS) program, Kids Club is an early intervention peer support program for children and young people aged between 8 and 12 whose parent(s) have a mental illness or mental health issue.

Stephen Bode, Rotary Club of Croydon President Elect 17/18 recently presented Bronwyn Sanders, Eastern Health program support worker, both pictured right, with a donation that will boost the Kids Club program.

"Kids Club aims to increase social connectedness, provide an opportunity to meet other children who may be in a similar situation, provide children with age-appropriate information about mental illness and available supports and teach children about healthy coping strategies," explains Bronwyn.

"Rotary Club of Croydon has been supporting Eastern Health since 2004 and we greatly value our partnership with the Club," says Bronwyn. "Our Kids Club provides a rare opportunity for children to be part of an ongoing support group and to grow and build friendships over a number of years. This is a valuable resource for children to tap into and we thank Rotary Club of Croydon for sharing our vision to provide ongoing support to children", says Bronwyn.

Thank you Rotary Club of Croydon for supporting Kids Club and other projects across Eastern Health!

Find out more about Eastern Health’s CHAMPS program here.

eastern health Melbourne Run 2017 LOGO
Now is your chance to get fit and fundraise for Eastern Health. 

Run Melbourne will be held on Sunday 30 July 2017. There’s a 5km walk/run, 10km run and half marathon through Melbourne city -something for everyone.

Once you have registered for the event, you can set-up your own fundraising page with Everyday Hero and fundraise for Eastern Health.

100% of your fundraising efforts will directly help our patients – people just like you and your family who require great health care, everywhere, every time.

You can join the big Eastern Health Team (select the orange 'join team' button) or, if you would like to fundraise for a specific hospital or area of health care, you can create your own team (select the blue ‘start fundraising’ button below) and ask your friends and colleagues to join your team in support of Eastern Health.

As a member of our team you will receive lots of support and encouragement, a fundraising toolkit (including templates) and an Eastern Health cap. We will also have a marquee at the event on 30 July where you can meet other team members and store your bag while you walk or run.

Eastern Health projects to support

We have a number of projects your team can direct your fundraising towards:

  • Hospitals - You can choose to support Angliss Hospital, Box Hill Hospital, Healesville Hospital, Maroondah Hospital or any other Eastern Health site
  • Areas of health care – You can fundraise for cancer, mental health, heart health, preventing family violence or research (for example) – whatever you are passionate about

About Eastern Health

Eastern Health is one of Melbourne’s largest metropolitan public health services. We provide a range of emergency, medical and general healthcare services.

Across our network, we treat 15,000 people who have cancer each year, our maternity teams help to deliver one baby every two hours and our Emergency Departments assisted 157,000+ patients last year – that’s one person every 3.4 minutes!

Find out more about our emergency, surgery, obstetrics, mental health, drug and alcohol, residential care, state-wide specialist services and community health services at

Contact us

To find out more about Run Melbourne, please email or call us on 9895 4608 at any time.

We welcome you to join the Eastern Health Run Melbourne team.


Elizabeth Crosby 1 webBreast cancer patients in Melbourne’s east will soon have the chance to keep their hair whilst undergoing chemotherapy free of charge, thanks to the generosity of Ringwood mother Libby Crosby.

Since October, the Coolheads fundraising campaign has been raising funds to implement a scalp cooling service at Maroondah Hospital.

Scalp cooling technology prevents hair loss by restricting the blood flow to hair follicles during chemotherapy sessions whilst patients wear a ‘cold cap’.

Ms Crosby knows the first-hand the emotional rollercoaster of undergoing treatment for breast cancer and losing hair.

Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005, seven months after giving birth to her daughter, Ms Crosby felt tormented by the constant reminder of her illness each time she saw her own reflection.

“People stared at me. I was self-conscious and felt I had no dignity or privacy. I did not have the choice of who I shared my illness with. It was all out there in the open because I had lost my hair,” Ms Crosby said.

“Whenever I passed a shop window or looked in the mirror, it was confronting and upsetting.”

In 2005, Ms Crosby required Herceptin, a medicine that was not listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) at the time. To assist Ms Crosby with payment of the medicine, a family member developed a trust fund.

Three quarters of the way through her treatment, Herceptin was listed on the PBS and Ms Crosby was able to receive the medicine free of charge.

Ms Crosby recently donated the excess $5,000 of her trust fund to the Coolheads campaign.

Chief of Site and Operations at Maroondah Hospital, Ms Kate Whyman, was astounded by Ms Crosby’s kind contribution.

“Ms Crosby’s donation to the Coolheads campaign has tipped us over our first milestone, allowing us to reach the $63,000 target required to purchase one scalp cooling machine, as well as additional staff time to administer the service,” Ms Whyman said.

“It is a fantastic act of kindness and will make a difference to future patients.”

The campaign will continue to raise funds for a second scalp cooling machine.

For more information or to donate, visit

A chance for women with breast cancer to say no to bald

An initiative of Ringwood East and Heathmont Bendigo Community Bank, this campaign aims to raise funds for two 'scalp cooling' machines at Maroondah Hospital’s Day Oncology Unit. Each scalp cooling machines will treat two women simultaneously.

Scalp cooling technology prevents hair loss by restricting the blood flow to hair follicles during chemotherapy sessions whilst patients wear a ‘cold cap’.

Maroondah Hospital, part of Eastern Health, will become the first public health service in Victoria, and most likely Australia, to offer this new scalp cooling treatment free of charge to women receiving breast cancer chemotherapy.

Multiple fundraising events are being held across 34 Bendigo Community Banks in Victoria for the duration of the campaign.

Eastern Health Foundation staff member Ms Carolyn Schuwalow thanked all participating Bendigo Community Bank branches for their generous support of the Maroondah Hospital oncology department.

“Bendigo Community Bank branches are making an outstanding contribution to the wellbeing of local women who are navigating a challenging time in their lives,” Ms Schuwalow said.

“Supporting the introduction of a scalp cooling service will mean women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer will have the opportunity to keep their hair and therefore maintain dignity, privacy and some normality throughout their treatment process.”

Local Bendigo Community Bank Chairman Stuart Greig said “the Coolheads campaign showcases the power of collective giving in the community when organisations, community groups and individuals come together to make a real difference in local people’s lives.”

Donations can be made at any Bendigo Community Bank location and online at

‘The show must go on’ as they say.

When guests arrived at The Memo in Healesville on 9 October 2016 to experience an afternoon of classical music performed by the Australian Doctors Orchestra, they were greeted by a venue with no power.

Following the severe weather conditions earlier in the day, the Healesville community was experiencing a black out!

Eastern Health staff, orchestra members, staff from The Memo, together with their colleagues from Yarra Ranges Shire Council had spent the previous two hours working out a way for the concert to go ahead.

IMG 4622smallAnd they did – complete with battery powered flood lights so that the orchestra members could read their music on stage and wall-mounted torches to light the hallways.

“The Memo staff and orchestra members were adaptable, helpful, calm and professional. We greatly appreciate their perseverance in ensuring that the show went on. It was a fantastic afternoon,” said Paul Leyden, Acting Chief of Clinical and Site Operations Yarra Ranges.

The feedback from this event has been very positive, with attendees saying how “terrific” the concert was - even with no power!

Thank you to the Australian Doctors Orchestra, who come together from all over Australia, for giving three days of their time for rehearsals and the concert.

We were thrilled that the event attracted a sold out crowd from the local community and beyond. Importantly, the event raised over $12,000, which will be used to purchase equipment and items to enhance patient well-being at Healesville and District Hospital and Yarra Valley Community Health when the site refurbishment opens in early 2017.

Thank you to the following local businesses that generously supported the event:

• De Bortoli Yarra Valley Estate
• Domaine Chandon
• Four Pillars Distillery
• Giant Steps
• Healesville Sanctuary
• Mac Forbes Winery
• Mocha and Lime
• Stevens Glass
• Worawa Aboriginal College
• Yarra Valley Dairy
• Yarra Valley Regional Food Group

Each year, through the generous support of individuals, community groups and businesses, Eastern Health Foundation and the Office of Research and Ethics are proud to award Research Grants to our staff.

Launched in 2012, the Eastern Health Foundation Research Grants program encourages Eastern Health staff to investigate the most effective methods of care and treatment, with the aim of maximising patient wellbeing as well as improving our practices, policies and quality of care.

Research is over and above our core funding for health care. Your essential support enables us to undertake valuable research and strive to continually meet our goals of providing great healthcare and great patient experiences.

2017 Grants

Eastern Health Foundation is pleased to announce that grant application submissions are now accepted for the 2017 Eastern Health Foundation Research Grants.

Research projects will be judged on scientific quality, significance, feasibility, innovation and the benefit to Eastern Health communities. Applications are open to all staff in all disciplines.

Applications will only be accepted via the Eastern Health Foundation automated on-line application system. Applications will close at 5.00pm on Friday 11 November 2016.

  • 2017 Eastern Health Foundation Research Grants Application form (closed)

Find out more


The inaugural AFL Yarra Ranges Melanoma Awareness Round was held on 13 August 2016 in honour of Eastern Health patient, the late Carolyn Goodie.

When Steve Goodie's wife Carolyn lost her battle with melanoma cancer in June 2015, aged just 47 years old, Steve decided that he could make a difference by increasing awareness of melanoma and raising funds to support research.

To date, Steve and his supporters have raised over $11,000 for Melanoma Research at Eastern Health.

“When you’re personally affected by it or whether it is part of my grieving process, I felt the need to get the word out there,” Steve says. “Melanoma cancer doesn’t discriminate; it affects people of all ages and genders and unfortunately kills a lot of young people.

“When Carolyn was first diagnosed, you’re not really sure how serious it can be, and what damage a mole can have. The reality for Carolyn was when it got to the secondary stage of cancer, within six months she had passed away.

“Hopefully if we can educate people and get the awareness out there more, it will help save lives,” says Steve.

This year, AFL Yarra Ranges launched their Melanoma Awareness Round and encouraged clubs to fundraise for Eastern Health. Steve also approached local business, including Garden City Plastics, Central Scaffolds, Bell Real Estate, Great Pine Nursery and Eastern Skin Cancer Clinic, who generously contributed to the campaign.

“If the Awareness Round has encouraged one person to go to the doctor and get a check-up, then it is worth it,” Steve explains.

Associate Professor Phil Parente, Eastern Health's Director of Cancer Services, is very grateful for Steve's hard work and the support of AFL Yarra Ranges.

"Australia and New Zealand have the highest rates of melanoma in the world, especially amongst young people,' explains Assoc. Professor Parente. 'This type of cancer has the highest mortality rate for 20 - 39 year olds than any other cancer - so any opportunity to raise awareness and fund research is very welcome."

To contribute to this fundraising campaign, please call Eastern Health Foundation on 9895 4608.


Steve Goodie and Phil Parente photo credit KIRSTIE FITZGERALD AFL VICTORIA

Assoc. Professor Phil Parente (left) and Steve Goodie
Photo credit: Kirstie Fitzgerald, AFL Victoria

Image of RSL tour with Colin Feekery Aug 2016 web

Representatives of Box Hill RSL recently attended a personal and bespoke tour of Box Hill Hospital, hosted by our very own Chief Medical Officer, Adjunct Associate Professor Colin Feekery.

As the successful bidder of the ‘behind the scenes’ tour, auctioned at Eastern Health’s inaugural major fundraising event, the Searchlight Dinner, our special guests were thrilled to have the opportunity to meet doctors in Emergency, speak to patients receiving care in the renal department and view specimens in the pathology lab.

In support of Eastern Health's Vivian Bullwinkel Chair in Palliative Care Nursing campaign, Box Hill RSL generously pledged $50,000 prior to the Searchlight Dinner.

Judy Coates, Box Hill RSL Committee member emphasised “I found the tour very interesting. I am sure that the more we know about the needs of the hospital, the more help we can give in the future”.

Denis Fernando, General Manager of Box Hill RSL thanked professor Feekery for his time. “Today’s tour was important in securing our future relationship. Our organisations will only get stronger in partnership in years to come, the more we get to know each other”.