When you bring life and joy to a child's heart, you relieve stress and anxiety.

“We all want shorter hospital stays, higher pain tolerance and less anxiety for our children” says Dr Jess Costa-Pinto, a paediatrician in the Children’s Ward at Box Hill Hospital.

Research shows these are the positive health benefits visual art can have for children.

For this reason, we approached artist Tess Dawson to create a series of Australia-themed murals for the Children’s Ward at Box Hill.

Filled with life, warmth and love, they help make hospital care less scary for children.

Dr Costa-Pinto says: “We’re shaping the way that children see the health care system – we’re building trust from an early age so that they’re comfortable going to the doctor or going to the hospital when they’re unwell, even long into adulthood.”

“We know art has a big impact on the way kids perceive pain, the anxiety that they’re feeling. It improves mood – not just for the kids on the ward but the staff as well.”

Now everyone who visits the Children's Ward can feel the love and joy in this space too!

“A special thank you to the Rotary Club of Box Hill Burwood for funding this beautiful artwork. It has brought some much needed life and colour to the Children’s Ward!” says Dr Costa-Pinto.