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What if your dearly-loved child has asthma? And pneumonia and COVID... all at the same time?

Leaving his five-year-old lungs gasping for breath as he looks up at you from a hospital bed.

My name is Beck Aston. I’m a registered nurse caring for your children or grandchildren in the Children’s Ward at Box Hill Hospital. It’s the only public Children’s Ward in the eastern region. The above scenario is a true story.

It happened just weeks ago to young Miles, one of our child patients. I’m sure you can imagine the distress of his mother, Karen. The heartbreak as she watched her son struggle for air. That’s why I’m asking for your help today. 

Your generous gift today goes towards items such as vital signs monitors that help track oxygen levels and heart rates in critically ill children.

As well as vital signs monitors, your kindness also goes towards equipment such as portable vein-finding machines and other vital equipment.

And to help make the hospital experience less scary for children and families, your gift could even help bring clown doctors into the ward. 

Because when children are ill, you want to provide the best experience for them... right here in your local community.

You can help turbocharge the work of your dedicated doctors and nurses who save the lives of children right here in your community.

Miles’ mother, Karen, recalls the trauma of rushing her son to hospital in an ambulance.

“It was absolutely horrific... He was completely exhausted from trying to breathe... I’ll never forget, he just looked up at me and said, ‘Mummy, I can’t breathe any more.’

That’s why Karen urges kind people like you to donate today.

Because your generosity means the incredible doctors and nurses in my team will have additional equipment to treat kids like her son. 

Karen says the dedicated care her son received saved his life.

Karen says: “Without the care he received, I honestly think I would have lost my son. The staff went above and beyond. We forever will be in their debt.”


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