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Thanks to our local community, a new PET Scanner will soon be on its way to Box Hill Hospital.

Thanks to wonderful individuals, community groups and local businesses, patients with life-threatening illnesses will soon be able to get free, publicly available PET scans at Box Hill Hospital.

Community support means people like Margie (pictured) don’t have to wait months in agony for life-saving diagnosis and treatment.

"Kind-hearted community members have donated more than $2.1 million so far," says Veronica Lyons, Director, Eastern Health Foundation.

"Your wonderful donation will have a big impact for all patients who need a PET scan. Thank you so much!"

Eastern Health expect at least 1,000 patients a year will use the new PET Scanner – that’s about 50 a week. And with an ageing population, demand is expected to grow.

As many as 4,000 people a year could benefit from the PET Scanner in the future. 

"Thanks to each and every donor, all patients will soon be able to get a free PET scan without having to wait for weeks or months when their health is on the line," says Veronica.

Eastern Health doctors and nurses appreciate this wonderful support, which will ensure patients get the best care available.

"Thank you for your gift towards the first lifesaving PET Scanner at Eastern Health. Your generosity is going to change lives, a truly special gift," says Veronica.