Up to 700 patients a year will get faster, more accurate care thanks to your support for the new echocardiogram.

A message from Associate Professor Jaya Chandrasekhar, Interventional Cardiologist at Box Hill Hospital, who is grateful to everyone who gave to the mid-year cardiac appeal.

 DSC9137Every minute counts when you’re having a major heart attack. Your gift towards a new echocardiogram machine makes a huge difference.

Thank you for your generosity. You are saving lives.

Thank you for providing clearer and more accurate heart ultrasounds. You reduce the risk of bleeding when inserting a tube in the arteries of the wrist or groin for my patients having an angiogram procedure or insertion of stents.

Thank you for faster diagnosis and treatment options. You’re giving patients the best chance of survival, especially in life-threatening cases such as heart-lung bypass, heart surgery and cardiac arrest.

Thank you for training the next generation of cardiologists. Your gift means staff are equipped with the best medical equipment to care for the sickest heart patients.

Thank you for helping to pioneer the best possible cardiac care at your local hospital. Your generosity means patients receive faster treatment and have quicker recovery times.

Thank you for saving lives right here in your community. You’re giving  patients more years of life with their loved ones.

When I was training as a cardiologist I remember being told a shocking fact. According to the Australian Heart Research Institute, 57,000 Australians suffer a heart attack each year. That’s one heart attack every 10 minutes!

Heart attacks can be deadly, which is why it’s critical to act fast to minimise long-term heart damage... and save lives.

When every second counts, anything we can do to speed up diagnosis of the heart problem makes a big difference.

That’s the advantage of having a dedicated echocardiogram machine in the Cardiac Catheter Lab – it’s state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment.

Your contribution to purchasing this vital, lifesaving piece of equipment gives my team crystal clear ultrasound images, helping to diagnose and treat patients faster in life or death situations.

Thank you again for your donation. You’re making it possible to provide faster and more precise cardiac care and treatment.

You’re giving longer lives to those with heart disease.

And you’re saving lives in your local community. Thank you!

A/Prof Jaya Chandrasekhar
Interventional Cardiologist, Eastern Health