Patients Bill and Leonie are tremendously grateful for the kindness and care they have received from staff at Maroondah and Box Hill Hospitals recently.

Chocolate donation 0821To say thank you, Bill and Leonie made a donation in 2020 to enable Maroondah Hospital to purchase two Electrocardiograph (ECG) machines for the Emergency Department.

This generous gift was given after both Bill and Leonie required an ECG following separate trips to Emergency.

"Our team has made great use of the new ECG machines," says Leanne, Nurse Unit Manager, Emergency Department, Maroondah Hospital.

"During the second wave of COVID in 2020, we separated our Emergency Department into COVID and Non COVID (red and green) department.

"We were so grateful for the additional two ECG machines, enabling easy access for our patients and staff to timely completion of ECGs," says Nurse Leanne.

When Leonie was admitted to Maroondah Hospital as a patient again recently, both she and Bill once again appreciated her wonderful doctors, nurses and caregivers.

To say thank you again, they donated over 300 boxes of chocolates to Maroondah Hospital Emergency Department and Ward 3 East where Leonie was being cared for.

Bill and Leonie also donated chocolates to thank the Oncology team at Box Hill Hospital a few months ago, after Bill's surgery.

Bill shared how impressed he and Leonie are by everyone’s work ethic and determination.

He hopes their gift of chocolates will support staff wellbeing and serve as a reminder of how appreciated medical staff are.

"Donation and thank you gifts like this are always greatly appreciated," says Alysha, Nurse Unit Manager, Ward 3 East, Maroondah Hospital, pictured with Bill and Nurse Morgan.

"It shows true kindness and selflessness."

Thank you Bill and Leonie.