Staff from the Respiratory Assessment Clinic at Box Hill Hospital Support from our community has meant the world to our doctors, nurses and allied health staff over the last few months.

Eastern Health is tremendously grateful to everyone who has donated to the Eastern Health Agility Response Fund so far.

You’ve shown just how much you appreciate our frontline health workers, including members of our Respiratory Assessment Clinic at Box Hill Hospital (pictured).

Thank you!

As at 30 June 2020, the following equipment and programs have been funded for our COVID wards, Emergency Departments, Intensive Care and other units at Angliss, Box Hill and Maroondah Hospitals:

  • Vital signs monitors to provide 24/7 monitoring of heart rate and breathing function
  • Video laryngoscopes to help doctors insert breathing tubes for patients who require ventilation
  • Flu testing machine to quickly test people for flu
  • iPads to keep patients in touch with their families
  • Heart lung bypass machines to take over the work of the lungs (or heart) when they are too ill to absorb oxygen
  • Enhancement of a ‘virtual hospital ward’ to provide health care services in the home
  • ICT equipment in Specialist Clinics to support telehealth / telepresence services

With Stage Three resrictions being reimposed in Melbourne from 9 July 2020, your support is still valued. Please make a donation to the Eastern Health Agility Response Fund today.