Bendigo Bank team members present a cheque to Eye Services Thanks to community support, specialised cataract tests will soon be available for all Eastern Health patients.

"Being an Eye Surgeon is more than medical knowledge and surgical skills," explains Dr David Frazer, Eye Surgeon at Yarra Ranges Health, part of Eastern Health.

"It’s about being there for my patients when their world has become a dark place."

Dr Frazer's dream is to purchase a Corneal analyser, Visual field machine, Automatic Lensmeter and other pieces of critical equipment. Each item will benefit cataract patients at Eastern Health.

With thanks to the local community, Dr Frazer has nearly met his goal.

A delegation from the Northern Cluster of Bendigo Community Bank recently met with Dr Frazer to present a cheque of $8,426 to purchase the Corneal Analyser.

This brings the total raised from the community to nearly $100,000!

"Thanks to support from the local community, I can now order the Visual Field Machine, Corneal Analyser and Automatic Lensmeter! I am excited that they will arrive at Yarra Ranges Health in the next few months!" he says.

Cataracts patients who also have glaucoma or astigmatism will no longer need to have vital eye tests at another facility in the city. They will be able to have their test right here, at Eastern Health.

"This is very happy news for my patients!" says Dr Frazer.

"I feel honoured that our local community has been so supportive. Thank you to the individuals, community groups and business that have brightened the lives of our patients. And a very special thank you to the Northern Cluster of Bendigo Community Bank for their significant support.

"Our supporters are helping to restore my patients’ independence by fixing their cataracts.

"Everyone, including you and I, will develop some level of cataracts as they get older. Having good vision is one of the keys to independence," explains Dr Frazer.

Dr Frazer still has a little way to go to be able to purchase the other items of equipment on his wishlist.

Donations can be made online or by calling 03 9895 4608.

Pictured left to right: Angelina (Yarra Ranges Health), Jason Smith (Eastern Health Foundation), Dr David Frazer (Eye Surgeon), Jade Mainwarring and Stuart Greig (Northern Cluster of Bendigo Community Bank)