Community kindness profoundly touched Bonnie, a young mum battling breast cancer. Thank you for your generosity.

Life is looking brighter for Bonnie because of donors like you

Two years ago, when I was 41 years old, I found a suspicious lump in my breast.

When the test results came back, my worst fears were confirmed. I’ll never forget being told I had cancer.

I went to pieces.

I was so scared.

Shane and I had to tell our three young kids that night. It was such a hard conversation, but they were so strong and brave.

During chemotherapy and radiation, I kept working. I was exhausted, but the bills didn’t stop for cancer – nothing does.

Since then, I have shared my story publically to raise awareness. I encourage women to self-check and have free breast screen tests from the age of 40.

Early detection can save lives.

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Just like you, I want to help other people going through cancer. I won’t let my battle be for nothing.

Life is finally starting to return to normal for me – but I’ll always worry about my cancer coming back.

Thanks to donors like you, I will have access to the best cancer technology

I was deeply moved to learn that kind-hearted donors were doing their part to raise $360,000 for new breast cancer equipment.

I’m so grateful for your support. If I need more breast cancer tests in the future, I can access the latest 3D technology. Thank you!

This encouraged me to donate an additional $4,000 for the 3D equipment from my very own fundraiser.

Like you, I want the latest cancer detection technology available for all women.3D tests can mean the difference between an early or late diagnosis.

Making a donation is my way of saying ‘thanks a million’ to my doctors and nurses who were my rock during treatment. It’s people like you who keep me going. Thank you!

You can read more about Bonnie's story in the Winter edition of 'Because of you'.

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