Be breast cancer aware help sheetDo you know what to look for or how often a woman should be checking her breasts for signs of breast cancer?

Download our free 'Be breast cancer aware' help sheet.

If you find a breast change that is unusual for you, we recommend that you see a doctor without delay. 

Help save lives from breast cancer and keep families together

Our new Breast and Cancer Centre opened in April 2018. You and your loved ones now have access to state-of-the-art facilities for breast cancer screening and treatment.

In order to complete the project, we urgently need your help to fit out the Centre with the latest 3D mammography technology.

Your gift will help more women access the latest cancer detection technology

Your gift will help to upgrade two existing mammogram machines with the latest 3D technology and purchase a brand new machine to ensure we meet increasing demand.

The upgraded machines will give more women the opportunity to receive 3D screening. It will also enable further research that could pave the way for all women in the country being screened in 3D.

The brand new machine will be available to women showing breast cancer symptoms. It will have a lower radiation dose than the current equipment, be more comfortable for patients and have the ability to take tissue samples.

All three of these machines will be located at our brand new Breast and Cancer Centre at Maroondah Hospital.