How you can help


When someone close to you passes away, deciding on the best way to pay your respects can be difficult.

One way to pay tribute to a loved one is an In Memory gift.

An In Memory gift gift is a lasting and meaningful acknowledgement of the person – and your thoughtful gesture is also a way to show respect and support for the health needs of your community.

When you give In Memory

Eastern Health will write to and thank individual donors for their generosity and kindness. If you have also provided contact details for the next of kin, Eastern Health will also write to let them know about the generous gift in memory of their loved one.

Families sometimes choose to give a gift in memory of a loved one. For example, this can be done by directing donations at the funeral to a program or service specified by the family.

If you would like more information about donating in memory of a loved one or require envelopes for a funeral, please contact the Eastern Health Foundation on 9895 4608 or via email