How you can help


Gifts from Australian corporations and local businesses enable Eastern Health to purchase much-needed medical equipment, conduct research, expand clinical and surgical services and improve patient care.

There are many ways in which this support can be given.

Donations or cash gifts

Donating money towards the purchase of specific items of medical equipment to clinical areas in need is always welcome. Donationsof $2 or more to Eastern Health are tax deductible.

Payroll deductions and gift matching

You may like to adopt an Eastern Health service and encourage your staff to consider regular and small deductions from their pay or direct social club activity funds.

These can then be transferred electronically to Eastern Health. Employee contributions are tax deductible.

Matching your employees’ contribution to Eastern Health is a generous way to support the contributions made by your staff.

Gifts in kind

Businesses that may not be in a position to provide a cash gift can demonstrate their support by donating products or services. This may be the provision of a raffle prize, the provision of food and/or other consumables, which might otherwise be an operational or event management expense to Eastern Health.

Event fundraising

Local businesses and community groups may choose to run a company function or social event (i.e. golf day, BBQ, Dinner Dance or Trivia Night) in support of an Eastern Health service. Proceeds from an occasion can then be passed on to a service of their choosing.

Contact us

If you or your company would like to discuss ways you may be able to support Eastern Health, please call 03 9895 4608 or email