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Eastern Health Agility Response Fund

The Eastern Health Agility Response Fund was set up in March, with every dollar raised helping our frontline health workers at this challenging time.

A few weeks on, we now urgently need items including two heart lung bypass machines, a new rapid flu testing system and other lifesaving equipment.

Your donation will directly help patients with life-threatening illnesses such as coronavirus, influenza and pneumonia.

When you support the Eastern Health Agility Support Fund, you’re doing something that WILL make a life-saving difference during the coronavirus pandemic.

You will also help us fight other related illnesses like influenza and pneumonia that strike hard at this time of year.

All in this together

These challenging times are a reminder that we are all in this together, as we embrace our collective humanity and responsibility to each other.

As always, our doctors, nurses and allied health staff will work around the clock to keep you, your family and friends safe and healthy. Their selflessness and courage is on full display.

With your help, our doctors and nurses can access resources at short notice to rapidly respond to new challenges.

This may involve new equipment, expanding tele-health and other virtual methods of healthcare and innovative use of hospital space.

Every dollar you give will directly support our frontline doctors and nurses - there are no administration fees.

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How your donation will help

Doctors, nurses and allied health staff from our Coronavirus Wards, Emergency Departments and Intensive Care Units at Box Hill, Maroondah and Angliss Hospitals have told us they will need:

  • $262,840 for two heart lung bypass machines - for patients with critical heart and / or lung failure, if traditional ventilation with a breathing tube is not enough

  • $32,200 for a new GeneXpert rapid flu testing system - to help ensure people can be tested and receive their results as quickly as possible

  • $51,724 for two video laryngoscopes in our emergency departments – to help doctors insert breathing tubes

  • $65,400 for two portable transport ventilators – to provide life support for people with critical lung failure

*List updated 4 May 2020. With the situation evolving, this list will be updated on an ongoing basis. Please check back here to keep up to date.

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Like a pat on the back, like a helping hand, your donation will show our doctors and nurses the support they need to carry on in the face of this challenge. Thank you!

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