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Help people with cancer in your community

No one wants to wait weeks for a vital medical test.

Especially not when their doctor suspects they have cancer.

Thank you for making an urgent donation today to help doctors test and treat patients sooner.

As a doctor, I want to let my patients know as soon as possible, and with absolute certainty, whether their suspicious lump is cancerous or not.

I want them to start treatment right away. Some cancers can be very aggressive and require swift action to prevent the spread to other parts of the body.

In some cases, delaying treatment by just a few days can make the difference between a curable and an incurable cancer.

But there’s a catch… When a cancer is deep within the body, for example in the abdomen or chest, it can be difficult to detect. If undetected, it can’t be treated.

And without treatment, it will grow.

The best line of defence against these cancers is an innovative technology called Super Vision Endoscopy.

Thank you for making a gift today to establish the very first public Super Vision Endoscope service in the eastern suburbs.

Kind regards,

Dr Paul Urquhart MBBS, FRACP
Gastroenterologist and Head of Endoscopy
Eastern Health

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