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Please give towards a new life-saving cardiac ultrasound!
Because every minute counts when you’re having a massive heart attack...

Did you know that coronary heart disease is Australia’s No. 1 killer? And during lockdown, we saw sicker heart patients coming in... people delayed coming to hospital due to isolation rules and the fear of catching COVID-19.

Together with my colleagues at the hospital, I’m determined to do everything I can to stop these deaths. To give more years of life to those you care about.

My name is Associate Professor Jaya Chandrasekhar and I’m an Interventional Cardiologist (heart specialist) at Eastern Health. Today I’m asking for your kindness... to help save the lives of the people you know and love. Right here in your community.

Your caring gift today will go towards an echocardiogram machine to save the lives of cardiac patients! It could be a friend who needs it one day. Or a loved one. Perhaps even you.

When you give today this is what you do:
You help provide clearer ultrasound images, which means faster and more precise treatment. With high-quality images, hospital staff can accurately get a needle and tube into a vein or artery. So you help reduce the risk of bleeding and other life threatening procedure-related complications.
You make an echocardiogram machine available for the sickest patients. So you help provide the best care to people who are at risk of dying, having a cardiac arrest, or a major heart attack where emergency procedures or bypass is needed. With your support, we can also monitor and treat potentially life-threatening fluid leaks in the sac around the heart.
You help prepare the next generation of cardiologists. So they can train to provide the highest quality heart treatment using the latest technology. In fact, not many hospitals in Australia routinely utilise ultrasound during cardiac stent procedures. So you’d be helping to pioneer cardiac care in your local community.
You help save lives – whether it’s for another six months or a year or ten years, you give heart patients more time to spend with the people they love.

A/Prof Jaya Chandrasekhar
Interventional Cardiologist, Eastern Health

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