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As an emergency doctor, I never know who’s going to arrive at the Emergency Department, or how sick they will be.

Will you help me by making an urgent donation of by Monday 16 September to help me buy new medical equipment?

When was the last time you or someone you love needed to go to the Emergency Department?

My name is Dr Jane Lukins. I’m an Emergency Doctor at Box Hill Hospital. I help people who are at their most vulnerable and unwell.

My job is to work out why the person is unwell.

I’m a detective of medicine.

From very early on in my career, I knew I wanted to work in Emergency.

I feel privileged to have worked at Box Hill Hospital for the last 15 years, especially when I can make my patients well again.

I have always enjoyed helping patients of all different ages who arrive at the Emergency Department with a wide range of medical emergencies.

Some illnesses are simple to recognise, some are more complex and take longer to diagnose.

But no matter who comes through the door and how sick they are, I work out what the underlying illness is and begin treatment for them.

But on any given day, I never know who is going to come through the doors of the Emergency Department.

I never know how sick they will be.

No matter how sick a person is, I need to have the right equipment on hand to diagnose, monitor and treat them.

I feel blessed to work in a hospital that is at the cutting-edge of technology, a hospital I would trust to look after my most cherished loved ones, including my two young children.

But I always strive to go further for my patients and prepare for the unexpected. Because the unexpected is always lurking just around the corner when you are an Emergency Doctor.

Please help me raise the $51,895 I need to buy more life-saving equipment for the Emergency Departments at Angliss, Box Hill and Maroondah Hospitals.

This equipment includes a special instrument called a GlideScope.

When a person arrives at Emergency and they can’t breathe on their own, I need to insert a breathing tube into their windpipe.

It’s a matter of life and death.

To insert the breathing tube, I use a GlideScope. It has a video camera on the tip, to help guide me. The camera shows me the back of the throat, where the vocal chords are.

Further down, it shows me where the wind pipe starts, so that I can accurately insert the breathing tube.

A GlideScope is one of the vital pieces of equipment that I need to do my job.

But there is a problem. We currently only have one GlideScope in the Emergency Department at Box Hill Hospital.

With more and more patients expected to require emergency care, we need at least one more GlideScope to meet future demand.

Please, will you make a gift of today to help me purchase a GlideScope and other vital equipment for our Emergency Departments?

Thank you very much for your kindness.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Jane Lukins
Emergency Doctor and Clinical Director Emergency Department
Box Hill Hospital

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