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The Emergency Department needs you.

$78,760 needed to buy a new ultrasound machine for use in crisis, including life and death cases...

My name is Leanne. I am the Nurse Unit Manager in the Emergency Department at Maroondah Hospital. I am proud of being a nurse for 36 years and leading an extraordinary team.

I’m so grateful to our community for supporting our frontline workers. Thank you for getting behind our doctors and nurses treating coronavirus patients.

Together, your support along with the dedication of our staff, means the best health care possible... and lives saved within your community.

But even while Victoria grapples with COVID-19, other health care needs don’t go away.Especially in the Emergency Department.

Here I see not only COVID-19 cases but all sorts of crisis situations every day. It could be trauma from car accidents and workplace injuries. It could be ectopic pregnancies or critically ill babies.

In cases like this, one piece of equipment would make a world of difference for fast diagnosis and treatment... especially in cases where every minute counts.

Your gift today will help to rapidly buy a portable, bedside ultrasound machine for the Emergency Department. You’ll give faster and better care to emergency patients and save lives...

I urgently need $78,760 to buy this portable ultrasound. Because this new machine means:

✓ Faster diagnosis at the bedside right in the Emergency Department. Patients won’t
need to be wheeled off to radiology or have to book a separate appointment.
✓ Earlier intervention and treatment so patients can return home sooner.
✓ Easier to use medical imaging with clear pictures for accurate diagnosis.
✓ Multi-use for many conditions ranging from trauma, cardiac, respiratory, pregnancy
and more!
✓ Lives saved in critical trauma and crisis cases.

Nurse Unit Manager
Emergency Department, Maroondah Hospital

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Spring 2020

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