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Disha Citadel bed campaign

Together with Disha, you can directly help people with cancer in your community.

No one wants to experience pain during cancer treatment or in their last days of life. 

Highly specialised electronic hospital beds, called Citadel beds, provide the best possible experience for our patients who are in a lot of pain during their time in hospital.

Providing pain free and dignified care is the cornerstone of our work at Box Hill Hospital, both for our patients and their families. 

Your support will allow us to keep our patients as comfortable as possible at such a difficult time in their life.

Right now we only have one Citadel bed in the cancer ward. This was kindly provided by Disha.

This means that only one person at a time can benefit.

Compared to our standard hospital beds, Citadel beds make a significant difference to the way our patients in pain experience their time in hospital.

Thank you for making an urgent donation today to support cancer patients at Box Hill Hospital.


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