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澳洲白马商会副主席William Ma先生鼓励本地社区团结起来帮助他人。

William Ma先生说:“我们立足社区,关心社区。”



澳洲白马商会副主席Steven Zheng先生说:“一线医务人员是真正的英雄。他们需要尽可能多的支持。”




Asian Business Association of Whitehorse fundraising appeal for Box Hill Hospital

With coronavirus cases overwhelming health services around the world, the Asian Business Association of Whitehorse and Box Hill Hospital are looking for support to buy life saving equipment, including two heart lung bypass machines to double capacity.

How your donation will help

Mr William Ma, Vice President ABAW, is encouraging the local community to come together to help other people.

"We work for the community and we care for our community", Mr Ma says.

"The talented doctors and nurses at Box Hill Hospital need two heart lung bypass machines and other life-saving equipment. Please help support our local public hospital", says Mr Ma.

When you donate, you’re not just providing a vital lifesaving service during the coronavirus pandemic. You’re giving your community a life-support system that can help people with lung and heart illness well into the future.

Mr Steven Zheng Vice President, Asian Business Association of Whitehorse says "the frontline health staff are the real heroes. They need as much support as possible".

Thank you for your support.

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Asian Business Association of Whitehorse - Box Hill Hospital appeal

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