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Act FAST for stroke patients

My name is Dr Philip Choi. I’m a Stroke Neurologist. I help people who have had a stroke or are at risk of having one. I have worked at Eastern Health since 2011.

I feel privileged to save and improve the lives of my patients at Eastern Health.

They are people just like you and your loved ones, going about their ordinary lives until they are struck down by stroke.

There is often no warning.

As you may know, in most cases, delaying treatment can mean the difference between a treatable or life threatening stroke.

The sooner a patient gets treated after the onset of stroke symptoms, the better the outcome.

My patients can’t wait when they are having a stroke. They need urgent medical attention as soon as they arrive at the hospital.

However there is a big problem.

The number of people having a stroke is steadily increasing, year after year.

I am seeing more people needing emergency stroke services at Box Hill and Maroondah Hospitals.

With new technology, I know I can continue to provide the best possible medical care to you, your loved ones and others if they ever need it.

Will you help me raise the $44,550 I need to buy more life-saving equipment for our stroke wards?

This equipment includes special monitors called telemetry. These machines continuously monitor a patient’s heart rhythm. Sometimes, abnormal heart rhythms can be responsible for strokes.

These sophisticated machines can alert doctors and nurses immediately if a patient develops an abnormal heart rhythm.

The monitoring and alert systems are state-of-the-art and therefore very expensive.

If I reach my target, I will be able to purchase six new telemetry monitors plus other life-saving equipment.

The best line of defence I can offer my patients against stroke is to identify the cause as soon as possible. A telemetry machine allows me to do that.

Please help me provide the very best care for all stroke patients who come to Eastern Health.


Dr Philip Choi
Stoke Neurologist, Department of Neuroscience
Eastern Health 

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