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Transforming patient care with a new 3D breast biopsy system

Technology to detect and diagnose breast cancer has come a long way in recent decades.

With thanks to community donations, smaller, early-stage cancers are now able to be detected with world-class 3D mammogram technology at Eastern Health Breast and Cancer Centre, part of Maroondah Hospital.

However, patients requiring a biopsy to take sample tissue for diagnosis, currently only have access to a 10-year-old system.

Currently located in our Medical Imaging department, this machine operates in 2D mode only.

Unfortunately, 2D biopsy machines are often not able to take a sample of tiny, early-stage cancerous tissue, because it is too hard to locate using 2D technology. These patients are often sent to another health facility for their biopsy.

A new 3D breast biopsy system for local women

Eastern Health Breast and Cancer Centre is seeking community support for a new state-of-the-art 3D breast biopsy system.

With your help, the new system will improve our capacity to accurately locate and sample diseased breast tissue, whilst providing a more comfortable experience for patients.

Thank you for making a gift today to help breast cancer patients.

Stephanie Paul
Breast Imaging Supervisor, Eastern Health

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