Eastern Region Mental Health Service Coordination Alliances (MHSCAs) is made up of Eastern and North East MHSCAs. 

  1.  A review of the two alliances in 2023 recommended a coordination Alliance (MHSCA) Governance Committee to lead strategic direction and to provide operations oversight of both EMHSCA and NEMHSCA. Members on the Governance Committee represent the constituents of EMHSCA and NEMHSCA and are informed by them as well as being responsible for providing direct feedback to them.  The aim of EMSCHA is to strengthen Mental Health and AOD service collaboration, coordination and system integration across Inner and Outer Eastern Melbourne for improved consumer outcomes.  EMSCHA top 3 priorities :include 



Priority area 1  
Mental health sector reform 

Priority area 2  
Workforce development 


Priority area 3  
Collaboration and coordination 


  1. Communication with the Interim Regional Body 
  • Establish relationship and communication channels with IRB – “board talking to us, us talking to board’ 
  1. Influencing the future commissioning process  
  • Stay informed about future commissioning processes. 
  • Make collective recommendations about commissioning. 
  1. Identifying service gaps 
  • Map available services for when AMHS and Locals are not the right door. 
  • Consider collaborative way of managing waitlists.  


  1. Lived and Living Experience Workforce Network 
  • Establish a network to connect LLE Leads across organisations to share process, policy, wisdom and provide support. 
  • Hear from peak bodies e.g. MHV and department re Frameworks and resources so we don’t “reinvent the wheel”. 
  1. Lived and Living Experience Workforce training 
  • Identify what training exist and what gaps remain for LLE workforce – how can we advocate in this space. 
  • Identify what supervision and training exists for leaders to ensure safe, appropriate support exists. 
  • Training through Elevate (VAADA) and CMHL – shared training, leverage relationships, share resources and modules. 
  1. Repository of resources re Lived and Living Experience Workforce good practice 
  • Map available resources re LLEW e.g. frameworks, tools, PDs etc. 
  • Consider the requiments for LLE roles, what consistency is there re qualifications. 
  1. Lived and Living Experience Workforce representation 
  • Recruit LE to the Governance Committee 
  • Ensure integration of LE Leaders from other organisations into the Alliance to more broadly co-create frameworks, support, CoP, develop a  common language with other services. 
  1. Opportunities for recruitment  
  • Explore Jobs Board for Eastern Region that members can use 
  1. Collaboration with Mental Health and Wellbeing Locals 
  • Invite the Locals representative to the Alliance to share information re set up and models, common referrals, challenges etc.  
  • Explore integration of AOD within the Locals e.g. YR Local can present and invite comments re AOD integration within the service. Wellways could do the same but refer to tranche 1 Locals re dual diagnosis.  
  1. Regional Outcomes Review Initiative  
  • Explore collective learning forums at EMHSCA