The Eastern Health Clozapine Program offers comprehensive coordination and oversight for consumer’s receiving Clozapine, a ‘Highly specialised Drug’ (S100) under the Schedule of Pharmaceutical Benefits in Australia, who reside within the Eastern Health catchment area. 

The Eastern Health Clozapine Program brings together a multidisciplinary team of professionals, including psychiatrists, registered nurses, registrars, pharmacists and general practitioners, that work collaboratively to support consumers receiving Clozapine therapy, their caregivers and the broader community of healthcare providers, ensuring that Clozapine is used in accordance with the Clopine®Central™ Protocol and the Eastern Health Clozapine Practice Guidelines. 

For consumers of the Eastern Health Adult Mental Health Service who have achieved stable mental health and require no additional case management support beyond Clozapine management, the Eastern Health Clozapine Program offers flexible treatment arrangements via two streams of support:  the GP Shared Care Model of Care, where consumers can receive support and Clozapine management from their general practitioners under the oversight of the Clozapine Program or through the designated Eastern Health Clozapine Clinic, where Clozapine therapy is managed by the Eastern Health Clozapine Program clinicians. 

For more information in relation to the Eastern Health Clozapine Program please contact:  Ph: 9839 6600