Current Patient Experience Rating

 What is this?

Eastern Health’s Patient Experience Star Rating is calculated from the feedback received from our consumers (patients, clients and residents) in the following services:

  • Emergency Department
  • General Medicine
  • Women and Children's Services
  • Speciality Medicine Services
  • Mental Health Services
  • Surgery Services
  • Aged Care Services  
  • Turning Point
  • Ambulatory & Community Health Services

Each month, a random selection of consumers receiving care are asked to provide feedback about their experience in relation to our 10 ‘Patient Experience of Care Principles’: (See below)

The average number of surveys collected each month is 600 and this number is increasing.

The star rating is an average of the overall satisfaction scores of the wards/services surveyed:

star rating

Patient Experience Information

PATIENT - for the purpose of reporting at Eastern Health the term ‘patient’ refers to an individual receiving health care services provided by Eastern Health, including residents and clients.

PATIENT FEEDBACK - refers to complaints, compliments, concerns raised by a patient, carer or family member.

Eastern Health is committed to providing a great patient experience and as such, strives to ensure that we meet our 10 Patient Experience of Care Principles:

  1. The patient’s needs, wants, preferences and values are known and taken into account
  2. The patient is a partner in decision-making about their care
  3. The patient has access to safe, effective and high quality healthcare delivered by skilled staff
  4. There is clear information that helps patients understand and manage their health as independently as possible
  5. Communication is open, honest and respectful, ensures confidentiality and is responsive to individual needs
  6.  The physical environment promotes healing, is comfortable, clean, safe and allows privacy
  7. Staff listen, provide emotional support and treat patients, their families and carers with dignity and compassion
  8. Family and friends are involved in care in accordance with the wishes of the patient
  9. Care is well coordinated to ensure that the patient experiences continuity and smooth transitions
  10. Meals are enjoyable and nutritious


How we collect feedback about your experience

Eastern Health currently collects information regarding the patient experience from a number of strategies outlined in the Patient Experience of Care Framework – ‘In the Patient’s Shoes’, including:

  • Leadership walkrounds – which are routine visits to patient areas by the Chief Executive Officer, Executive Directors, Site Chiefs/Program Directors, Associate Program Directors, and Directors in order to:
    • Demonstrate to both staff and patients, the organisation’s commitment to patient experience 
    • To measure the achievement of Eastern Heath’s 10 Patient Experience of Care principles

  • Patient feedback (compliments, complaints and suggested improvements) mechanisms, including a website feedback portal, via email, phone and mail and online through independent third party services such a Patient Opinion (see below).     

  • Victorian Healthcare Experience Survey (VHES) - is a statewide survey of people’s public healthcare experience. An independent contractor, Ipsos Social Research Institute, conducts the survey on behalf of the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). The questions are based on the internationally recognised work of the Picker Institute*.  The questionaries are distributed by Ipsos Social Research Institute to a randomly selected group of eligible people from our health service in the month following hospital discharge or the emergency department attendance.    

    The VHES allows a wide range of people to provide feedback on their experiences from across the spectrum of services provided by Eastern Health with feedback and data captured from all Eastern Health sites.  Eastern Health’s overall satisfaction score remained steady at 91 – 92 per cent for each quarter of 2016, against a target of 95 per cent.

  • Patient Experience Surveys –Patients are surveyed once a month in most services across the organisation using electronic tablets to measure compliance with our Patient and Family Centred Care Standard.

  • Patient Opinion - is a not-for-profit social enterprise which enables people to share the story of their experience and potentially help health services make change.  In 2017, Eastern Health received 408 stories which were read 206,206 times.

  • Mystery Shopping – consumer resister members and volunteers act as ‘Mystery Shoppers’- make observations and ask patients / carers about their experience.

Patient Experience of Care Report

For more details on the feedback we have received view our latest quarterly Patient Experience of Care Report:

Eastern Health consumer information for inpatients

In response to consumer and staff feedback about the number and variety of brochures and education materials distributed to patients on admission, Eastern Health has produced a single patient booklet called  Partners in care – helping us to care for you during your hospital stay. A Booklet Working Group including members form all areas of the organisation and consumers was established to develop it.  A talented cartoonist, Taehoon Gwag who is also a Box Hill Hospital Patient Support Assistant worked with the Centre for Patient Experience staff and consumers to develop the illustrations. 

The Partners in care – helping us to care for you during your hospital stay booklet is also available in Burmese, Cantonese, Vietnamese and Greek.