How we use your feedback to improve

At Eastern Health we greatly value your feedback. Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your experience of care. Wherever possible, we try and make improvements based on feedback. The table below includes some of the changes we have made from stories and feedback shared.

You said We did
 A very large issue I have is that no one in the hospital knew where the disabled parking spots were. I asked reception, not sure, I asked the volunteer desk, not sure. Are you telling me that a hospital that size that is only 3 years old does not have any disabled parking spots? Where they are placed is very important as I drive with my hands which means I cannot use boom gates, if the disabled parking spots were down there I will never be able to use them in the future. Where do you park then when you have to go to the hospital?  Response from Eastern Health CEO:  With regards to disabled parking spots, there are some 4 hour parks available out the front of Building B (the old hospital building) on Nelson Road that doesn’t require entry through a boom gate. I'm sorry to say, they are a little distance from the ward areas, but are the closest parks when attending a clinic appointment. I will make sure the reception staff are able to provide this information to people when needed as well, but please accept my apology they weren't able to assist you when you asked.
At fracture clinic today people with lower limb injuries and elderly with walking frames were standing waiting as there were not enough chairs. People in wheel chairs have limited places to wait and were double parked across the front of seats. This blocked access for patients with frames, crutches and mothers with prams. Surely the design of the seating could be better to make room for wheel chairs. Packed in like sardines - it's obvious why people get impatient and cranky when they have to sit and wait in a stuffy crowded room with next to no personal space. One poor mother had to ask 2 whole rows of people waiting to pull their feet in or stand as their knees still blocked the way to let her past.

Response from Eastern Health CEO: I was made aware of the space issues in discussion with one of the surgeons and have committed to review the current arrangements to see what else can be done here. I recognize it is less than ideal. This is a very busy clinic, and hence why we need to review all we can to alleviate the issue, through the redevelopment, we gained two additional floors of clinics, which has greatly reduced the pressure on this space and made the experience for both staff and patients a more positive one. I wanted to provide you with a further update re the improvements we are looking to make over the coming period to enhance the patient experience when attending specialist clinic appointments. These include:
- Additional seating to be provided to patients and families at peak times so the area is not as crowded
- Looking to implement a new communication and 'check in' system that will allow patients and families to utilize other facilities in the building when waiting for their clinic appointment.
There are other initiatives that we are also exploring at present, but thought these two provided specific details based on your experience.

I was in the surgical admissions department at Box Hill Hospital for surgery and in the two waiting rooms they have, there are no TV's. Only radios that don't work very well. I was very bored. I had to wait for a few hours listening to static radio/occasional music.

Response from Eastern Health CEO:
We have undertaken a review of waiting areas at Box Hill Hospital and are in the process of making improvements to make the environments more appealing.
As a result of your feedback, I will seek confirmation of the timelines for these improvements to be made so the waiting time of others is improved.

I lost my previous pregnancy to anencephaly and am extremely sensitive about this current one particularly for the ultrasounds where they rule out abnormalities. I am booked into Birralee and called up to get my ultrasound done at Box Hill Hospital only to be told they have absolutely no availability. So now I am totally freaking out because I don't know where to go or if wherever I end up will be able to do a good job or tell me if they see anything wrong.

Response from Eastern Health CEO:
I wanted to provide you some feedback that we are currently working through an improvement project to create additional capacity within the ultrasound services, especially for pregnant women.
While the issues are complex to resolve, we are doing all we can to make this vital service more accessible to our community and have taken your feedback very seriously.


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