Allied Health Career Development

How to I find out about job opportunities at Eastern Health?

Positions for Allied Health clinicians at Eastern Health will be advertised on eMercury.

Eastern Health has a strong commitment to advancing clinical and nonclinical skills through:

  • Attendance at continuing education programs
  • Conferences
  • Special interest groups and internal professional development including
    • Site based in-services
    • Discipline specific forums
    • An interprofessional New Graduate Support Program
    • Weekly tutorials
    • Seminars
    • Case meetings
    • And Grand Rounds

Many senior staff have postgraduate qualifications, and this, along with their clinical expertise, provides an environment conducive to learning, research and development.


Regular structured clinical supervision is mandatory for all of the Eastern Health Allied Health clinicians, including Allied Health Assistants, and includes:

  • Facilitation by skilled senior clinicians
  • Regular 1:1 supervision and peer supervision.

Supervision provides the professional support and learning to enable individual practitioners to maintain best practice in all aspects of their roles. Line/operational supervision is also practised in an inter-discipline capacity, including interpersonal and teamwork skills. All clinicians are supported in development of their skills in student and staff supervision.

Simulation Centres

The Simulation centres at Eastern Health are safe and supportive environments for all of our clinicians to learn and practice with the latest technology. Our new mobile Sim Van visits campuses across the health service to bring simulation training to all. Eastern Health also has a well supported library service.

Organisational Development Programs

There are also many organisational development programs offered by Human Resources, such as leadership and management training, and all clinicians are supported to engage in quality improvement projects.

Eastern Health promotes strong inter-professional working relationships with Allied Health, nursing and medical staff. The friendly work environment at Eastern Health provides a supportive place for your Allied Health career.