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Quality and risk management

The quality of our services and effective risk-management are ensured by our Clinical Governance framework. It supports an environment that sustains and develops our mission of providing high quality, accessible health care services that are responsive to the needs of the community.

A number of key structures and processes are in place, which enhance decision-making, accountability, continuous evaluation and improvement of care and service delivery. The principle of consumer and clinician engagement in decision making is key to the composition of our committee structures.
The Centre for Patient Experience provides a framework, systems and support for effective community and patient participation and oversees the patient experience strategy.

Our strategic and annual planning processes are designed to include consumer engagement, appropriate use of information and data from incident reporting, patient feedback, audits and reviews and clinical and performance indicators to ensure we strive to provide harm free care to our patients. In line with the Department of Health and Human Services incident management policy, Eastern Health investigates all reported incidents to ensure actions are taken to prevent/minimise further recurrence of adverse events and incidents.

Eastern Health also maintains an audit program that measures and monitors clinical practice across identified areas of high clinical risk and potential for undesirable variations, in addition to mortality and morbidity review processes undertaken by all its clinical streams. There are 17 Expert Advisory Committees established to provide additional oversight for areas of high risk eg. falls, cognition, pressure injury, medication safety and blood administration.

Risk assessment and management is an important aspect of our approach to governance. We believe the adoption of a formal approach to risk management improves decision-making, performance, accountability and outcomes. The risk-management policy ensures a coordinated, organisation-wide approach to risk management. It is designed to provide opportunity for improvement in patient safety and the provision of efficient, high quality services and importantly, ensure risk-management is seen as a core component of Eastern Health service delivery.

In 2015, Eastern Health underwent an accreditation periodic review conducted by the Australian Council of Healthcare Standards against EQuIP National standards and have been awarded continuation of 4 year accreditation. In addition, Eastern Health services also undertake accreditation against other standards that are relevant to the individual service. Currently all Eastern Health services are fully accredited under the respective accreditation standard.