Information for Suppliers

Eastern Health complies with the HealthShare Victoria (HSV) Health Purchasing Policy. More information on procurement including a link to the HSV policies can be found on the HealthShare Victoria website

Eastern Health expects that its suppliers will be aware of and comply with the Victorian Supplier Code of Conduct. Information about the code can be obtained here: Victorian Supplier Code of Conduct.

In 2019, Eastern Health is developing a Social Procurement Strategy that will comply with the requirements of the Victorian Government’s Social Procurement Framework. The Framework clearly defines social and sustainable procurement as a key value-for-money component, and how it can make a difference to Victorian communities. It states that “For buyers, the framework provides the guidance to embed social and sustainable procurement into existing processes. And for suppliers, the framework informs them of the methods to deliver Government objectives, while continuing to grow their business by participating in government procurement.” Information about the Framework including a copy of it, and information for suppliers can be found here: Victorian Social Procurement Framework