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Eastern Health undertook a procurement reform process during 2015-16 to improve its procurement functions. As part of the process, Eastern Health confirmed that from 20th June 2016, it complies with the new (mandatory) Health Purchasing Victoria (HPV) Health Purchasing Policy. More information on procurement including a link to the HPV policies can be found on the HPV website.

In line with its values, Eastern Health has described how it will relate with other organisations, and also what it expects from those organisations it deals with, in its Statement of Business Ethics

Forward Sourcing Plan

Eastern Health has developed a Forward Sourcing Plan that lists the significant procurement it is planning to undertake over the next 12 months. View the latest copy of the Forward Sourcing Plan(pdf,96KB)  The plan will be updated at least annually.


Eastern Health lists its ‘Invitations to Supply’ on the Tenders Victoria website.

Other Information


Eastern Health has developed a Procurement Complaints Management policy and summarised this information in “How to Lodge a Complaint about the Procurement Process at Eastern Health”. A copy of this and also Eastern Health’s Procurement Complaints Management practice guideline can be accessed from the following links: